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Inky Paws is a collaborative fiction zine written by nonhumans and alterhumans on nonhumanity, alterhumanity, and similar, related themes. It contains 16 different stories, poems, songs, and comics by various alterhuman authors, with genres ranging from fantasy, to sci-fi, to horror. It is 89 pages long and was inspired by Tsu Swanblood's The Forest Voice zine.

This zine is free to download and will always be free to 100% download.

Content in this zine includes:

1 by Scar (Poem)
2 by Scar (Poem)
2' by Kisota (Image and Poem)
Auumah by Ey'teneh-Onik (Poem)
Conversations With the Housecat by Silver & Rain of The Dragonheart Collective (Prose)
Cyborg by Zavegonzo (Short story)
Fanacht ar Maidin by Pale M. L. Greenwood (Short story, part 2/2)
Newspaper Article by House of Chimeras (Short story)
Passing By by Anonymous (Poem)
Poem by Sya (Poem)
Return to Tape Deck Mountain by Synanthrope (Lyrics)
Species Dysphoria by Theo (Comic)
The Wolf Within by Kara (Short Story)
Vis Tenebris by Pale M. L. Greenwood (Short story, part 1/2)
Void Shapeshifter by Quasar Ophidian (Poem)
Whispers by Page of the Sol System (Short Story)

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Author3 Dragons and a Dog
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Tagsalterhuman, fictionkin, otherkin, therian, zine
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